Wednesday, January 22, 2014

More Swelling

So the external fixator was removed on Tuesday, I was so eager to have that off my finger .

At the same time it was removed I was given a nerve block to help with moving my finger. The nerve block was supposed to last. 72 hours or a good three to four days. I was so eager to have this work, no pain for three days while having Hand therapy.

It's a great theory on paper. In real life not so much.

The nerve block only lasted 7 hours not the 72 is was supposed to . Dr was astonished. 
As soon as the block wore off then came the excruciating pain.

It is so swollen I can't move it.

So all the pain from the device for nothing   If I can't move it?
Tomorrow I see he dr. again, I am taking prednisone to help with the swelling,
I sure hope that kicks in .

While bending it under the nerve block I felt and heard a snap ? Not sure if that is contributing to the swelling. 

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