Thursday, December 5, 2013

Raynauds,hand surgery and a cat bite.

So this time of year is never good in general but with someone with multiple auto immune diseases its a nightmare, especially Raynauds. 

This small event happened while I was working and not even out in the cold. .My events are getting worse the longer I have Raynauds. I used to be a lot more blue events and now we are a lot more white events. The white hurts the most, the blue is cold the most and red is the warmest.

This event really hurt and came on very suddenly. It started slowly but you can tell when it is going to be a bigger event because of how much it hurts, I think this was brought on due to stress.

I cant walk from the car to a store without my feet going completely numb. Forget that, I cant go into a food store without my feet going numb, fingers turning colors and my eyes burning. Its horrible!

The surgery to fix the finger that was bitten by the cat is on Monday.

My rheumatologist called and is concerned about the surgery the same as the GP but he is worried more about the Raynauds and the fixator and the infection rate. He doesn't know anyone that has had this device let alone someone that has Raynauds. 

There is no way I want to lose this finger because of gangrene. But I dont want to miss this opportunity to have a finger that works. For nine months my finger has not moved. I mean not even a little bit. The hand therapist and surgeon have both tried and it was the worst pain I have ever experienced. 

So now I am worried that this surgery wont happen. I am not sure about the incidence of infection. This is a new device so there is not a lot of information about it. I don't think the surgeon will know about the Raynauds, because I don't think anyone that has had Raynauds have had this device applied. I also don't think the Surgeon knows a darn thing about Rheumatoid Arthritis, Raynaud's or Sjogrens. I keep telling him to call the Rheumatologist. 

So today was frustrating, I am in limbo until I know what is going on. Man if I could turn back time the day I was bitten. The past nine months have been a living nightmare. 

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